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Otilio - Jota de los Dos Corazones // Quartet (Visual Album)

Otilio - Jota de los Dos Corazones // Quartet (Visual Album)

"Otilio/Jota de los Dos Corazones" is track 3 from our "Quartet," our first-ever Visual Album! You can download "Quartet" on our BandCamp, here: This track is a medley of medleys! First is "Otilio," a medley in tribute to Otilio Galindez, the esteemed songwriter from Venezuela. It combines his two songs "En Silencio" and "Candelaria". "Otilio" was also recorded on it's own as track 5 on our first studio album "The Abominable Stringband Vol. 1," which you can find here: Next at around 2:30, Maurizio leads the band into "Jota de los Dos Corazones," an exploration of Jota Cumanesa, a little-recorded music from Venezuela. Our second studio album, "The Abominable Stringband Vol. 2," features a version of "Jota de los Dos Corazones" with a full sextet - you can hear it here: Acoustic Nomads featured here: Sofia Chiarandini - Violin Maurizio Fiore Salas - Venezuelan Cuatro Ethan Setiawan - Mandolin Noah Harrington - Bass For more about Acoustic Nomads, including upcoming tour dates, check out our website: Thanks to Micah Nicol for doing all video and audio recording and editing, as well as lighting here. Recorded live at Follen Church in Lexington, Massachusetts
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